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sorry for my rant, just gotta let it all out

Words cannot express how badly I want to go to Europe. I just have this feeling inside me that’s telling me “GO MITZEL! GO TO EUROPE! YOU CAN DO IT!” I know I can go. I think that if I get my crap together I can have an incredible, life changing experience traveling through Europe. I don’t think, I KNOW I can do it. And I will. I just feel like I’m in over my head. I have been planning this trip in my head for over a year now and I feel like the more I wait, the older I get and the more time I’m wasting. It’s something I’ve been wanting for a reaaaally long time now. 

I just don’t know what to do. I’m willing to go alone because I’m that anxious to go.. but at the same time I want to be able to share that experience with someone else. It’s one thing to cherish those memories on your own, but to be able to share it with someone else is a bond between you both that will forever be special. Everyone I’ve asked has brushed it off and said “I’ll look into it, I just don’t have the money” I don’t have all the money either but dividing a trip like that into monthly installments doesn’t hurt your wallet and makes it that much doable. I think I’m the only one who’s got this fever. I just wanna pack my bags, go alone, and hope that I make friends over there.

I REALLY want to do a trip with EF college break, I swear I look at their website everyday cause that’s how baldy I want to go. I’ve bumped into the EF tours twice before, scratch that, 3 times! The first was on South Beach, I was hanging out with some friends and I saw a heard of people in the middle of Ocean Drive and I could tell they felt like they were in heaven. The other two times happened to be while I was in Costa Rica. I was at a thermal pool, a touristy place, when a bus pulls up and a bunch of people walk out with book bags saying “Ef college break” and I swear my heart skipped a beat. It was a kind of “OMG its real” kinda thing. It’s one thing seeing them in my home town, but bumping into them in another country? Whatttt? what are the odds. The entire time I was at the pool I would over hear them talking about all the stuff they’ve done, and stuff they were going to do. I want to be that person dammit. Aside from the tour, I want to do more, I feel like I’ll be running through the cities and not be able to take in much from them. I want to be able to stay after the tour for a few more days and wonder off on my own. Something like that though.. now that will hurt my wallet, the little that’s in it.

I need this trip though. I know its cliche but I need to find myself and I know a trip like this will do just that. I went to Costa Rica this past summer but I didn’t come back a brand new person, mostly because I went with my family to visit family. In this case, I’d be on my own. On the other side of the world, surrounded by languages I don’t even know and a culture that’s all new to me, no mommy to hold my hand when I get lost… no responsibilities… total complete freedom. 

I live in Miami, and I grew up here. All my life I’ve been surrounded by tourists. I see the joy in their faces as their strolling down Lincoln Road, or on the beach, taking pictures of everything in sight. I’ve had tourists take photos of me as i was skating to work! I want that. I want to be the one with complete joy in my face, taking photos of random crap in another country. 

I made a promise to myself last year that every year I will get on a plane and go somewhere outside of Florida. This year I did just that and I was able to get my crap together and buy my mom, my brother and my plane ticket to Costa Rica and had an incredible time. Next year, I want to take myself to Europe. Honestly even if I go for a week or 2, it’ll be just enough for me to want go back again the following year. I’ll be 21 in a few months and I want to be able to experience as much as I can in this world by the time I’m 26.. ish. Times a tickin’
I’m getting old.

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